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Life Map

Photo by Courtney Rhodes

Photo by Courtney Rhodes

By Wendy Choy-Chan

As part of an exercise for a spiritual formation program, I had the opportunity to construct a life map of my own.  As I answered various prompts and filled in event after event in my life — negative and positive childhood memories, encouragement and criticism from major figures in life, etc. — something wonderful emerged from my life map.

There have been negative life events that have shaped me and given me false beliefs of myself and of God.  In the first few weeks of the program, we talked about negative cultural and family influences and how they project for us a false image of God. (more…)

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Photo by jenny downing

Shared by Melody Chen

What have you been learning lately?

On a personal level, one big lesson I’ve been learning is about humility in relationships because of the dating relationship I’m in. You go to school to become a therapist and you think you become an expert on relationships – conflict resolution, how to navigate difficult situations, but when it comes to real life and when you’re faced with another person in everyday situations, it seems like all the knowledge you learned goes out the window.  (more…)

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