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People in leadership positions need to let others know who they are, what ministries they are involved in, what they have accomplished, and how others can support and join their causes. In a way, leaders need to sell. Some leaders do it naturally and skillfully without making people feel uncomfortable, but this is not always the case. Some come across as too self-promoting. Others do it too business-like or too “humbly.” For me, I find it difficult to promote myself in general but in some contexts, people expect you to. I am interested to hear how others let people know who they are without coming across as self-promoting? (more…)

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Posed by Joy Wong

It’s been my observation that no matter how great or glorious the  institution, the higher up you go in leadership, the more ugliness you see.  Ugliness in terms of power plays, decision-making, or just the general muck that comes with politics.  At the same time, it seems that no matter how bad it gets in the upper realms of leadership, the “end-users” such as students, parishioners, etc. may actually be quite happy with the institution (more…)

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I’m currently living with two other girls, and we’re always talking about self-image in general and pondering the question, How do you have a healthy concept of yourself, inside and out?  It’s a real-life, daily struggle, and it’s been helpful to have each other to encourage one another, with comments anywhere from “I give you permission to eat that chocolate” to “Let’s go work out together – you need to get your butt off the couch.” (more…)

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As a woman leader, I really want to bless the ministry but sometimes I’m afraid I am squelching male leadership as a result of my involvement.   Recently, I was overseeing a male leader, about 4 years younger than me.  I noticed that he was kind of hesitant, and I wondered whether it was because of his age, whether he felt like he couldn’t say certain things in front of me, or something else.  (more…)

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Posed by Grace Lung

The main source of formal teaching I receive is my husband’s sermons (some of which I hear multiple times) and many of them are targeted at youth.  I also lead bible studies which prevents me from attending a regular service (although preparing bibles studies has been helpful for my growth).  In addition to the lack of accountability and mentors out there, it’s been hard. (more…)

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I can be very sensitive to criticism…  perhaps too sensitive.  I also have a bad habit of letting praise and compliments fall to the wayside unreceived, while I tend to sniff out the slightest hint of criticism from a mile away — and I can mull over that bit of criticism for a very long time.  In past ministry leadership (more…)

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