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Photo by qthomasbower

By Joy Wong

Recently, I was delighted to discover an old TV family series called Little Men, based on the book by Louisa May AlcottLittle Men was the sequel to the more famous book, Little Women, and it tells the story of Josephine March and the school that she runs with her husband.  While the story can easily be judged as overly idealistic and sentimental, it reminded me of how the character of Josephine (aka “Jo”) March was one of my childhood heroines.  I related to her tomboy-ish nature, and admired her for her boldness in defying social conventions to be true to herself and her convictions. (more…)

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Photo by Jesslee Cuizon

by Joy Wong

I recently attended a seminar on a personality theory called the Enneagram. In this theory, there are different personality types, numbered 1-9. The Enneagram personality types delve into the motivations behind our actions, thoughts, and habits. I took the seminar with thirty other chaplains of a mix of different races and ages, and I turned out to be Type 3, labeled the “Achiever” or the “Performer.” (more…)

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the whole picture

Photo by Daniel Voyager

by Joy Wong

As a hospital chaplain intern, I visit a diverse variety of patients.  One particular patient who stood out in my mind was an 89-year-old Asian man who had suffered a stroke.  When I first visited him, he seemed non-responsive. (more…)

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Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

by Debbie Gin

I used to question my integrity a lot.  I felt twinges of shame whenever I interacted with people because I thought I wasn’t “the real me” in every context.  I behaved one way with my peers, another way with my family, and yet another way with my professors. I thought of myself as a fraud, a chameleon, easily changed by the presenting situation. At times, I even wondered whether I was “prostituting” myself out, becoming whatever my context needed me to be.

I also felt pressure to find my own path but felt conflicted on several levels. On the one hand, I resented my parents’ strong influence and expectations; (more…)

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Photo by Irargerich

By Dr. Chloe Sun, Ph.D.

Looking back at my journey as a Chinese woman in ministry, I can summarize it in one word: challenging. So, I entitle this presentation “Against Overwhelming Odds: Chinese Women in Ministry.” I will be speaking primarily from my own personal experience, but I hope my experience will serve as a mirror reflecting other Chinese and Asian American women’s experience in ministry. (more…)

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