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Photo by bingbing

Shared by Grace Haah

Recently, I got together with friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while. These friends led, from an outside perspective, a very comfortable and stable life – financially, socially, relationally – in almost every way. However, they were not very happy in their walk with God. At church, they didn’t feel very connected, and they didn’t feel like they were really experiencing God’s goodness and power in a strong, real way. (more…)

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Photo by Apricot Cafe

by Beverly Chen

I recently attended an InterVarsity-sponsored faculty, graduate student and professionals conference. “Human flourishing” was the theme. Over 12,000 academics and professionals gathered for over three days to explore God’s vision for human flourishing in our world and within our specific disciplines. We began each morning with beautiful music and biblical teaching with N.T. Wright in the book of Colossians. (more…)

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Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

by Young Lee Hertig

Recently, while preparing for a sermon on the topic of stewardship and sustainability, I found an oasis that lifted me from the doom and gloom of the current disaster of our economy, exemplified by the slogan “Drill, baby, drill.” (more…)

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