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Photo by db photographs

by Melanie Mar Chow

As noted on the introductory materials on this blog, AAWOL exists to “gather evangelical Asian American women for leadership renewal and development.” As I pondered what content to include, I realized that this blog can be a place for “cyber gathering” and, as such, a resource for leadership development.

“How?” you may ask.

As I mentioned in my previous post, AAWOL has been for me a place to explore the truth of what it means for Asian American women to serve in leadership. (more…)

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Photo by aussiegall

by Melanie Mar Chow

Being a presidential year, the stage is being set to revisit and regain what is truly “American”. In all the rhetoric, I find myself thinking about what is “truth” in all the promises.  Do you wonder what truth the new president’s promises will hold come January?

One “truth” I have struggled with for the past 30 years is why there are so many women absent from leadership positions in the church today. (more…)

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