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Photo by Eleazar

By Sarah D. Park

My definition of work in the church has been overturned ever since I committed to a church with a majority black congregation. My upbringing in largely Asian American contexts taught me that positions of church leadership were places of honor and influence, that one should strive to earn such a position as soon as possible. (more…)

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Photo by Sharat Ganapati

By Sharon Lee Song

A few years ago, I was invited to participate in a reconciliation meeting because I am Korean American. Our church had been leading the congregation through a sermon series on reconciliation and had recently shown a video featuring some of the atrocities committed by the Japanese toward Koreans during World War II.   (more…)

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Photo by tibchris

By Joy Wong

I had the special privilege of having breakfast yesterday with Tim Tseng, executive director of ISAAC (Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity) and Young Lee Hertig, the regional director of ISAAC-SoCal.  While I had understood ISAAC’s mission to be aimed at strengthening Asian American churches, Tim was able to clarify for me that part of ISAAC’s mission is also identify formation for Asian American Christians so that they feel they have something to contribute in non-Asian American ministry settings, rather than feeling disempowered or settling in mere consumer roles in the church.  This made me wonder, Do I believe that Asian Americans have something to contribute in a non-Asian American ministry setting? (more…)

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by Young Lee Hertig

I started teaching at a seminary in the summer of 1992, a few months after the verdict in the Rodney King trial exploded into what is now commonly known as the L.A. Riots.  I watched as African-American anger – triggered by an unjust verdict rendered by an all-white jury – directed its wrath at Korean-owned mom-and-pop shops.  I watched powerlessly as my city burned even as signs of the cross hung high in every street corner. (more…)

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Since the AAWOL sisters started meeting regularly every 2nd Friday of the month, we have seen much growth in our leadership journeys.  We celebrated the submission of our collective writing project to InterVarsity Press on April 11th in my backyard. (more…)

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