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Photo by Roelen Fernandez

Photo by Roelen Fernandez

By Jerrica Ching

Farewell to the first month of 2016!  Just as some of you pointed out throughout the month of January, I too am the type of person who typically will have the same resolutions year after year.  I have noticed however that after each year, the expectations that I have for myself to follow through with resolutions have become much more realistic.  When the expectations for myself are reasonable, I am much more likely to follow through. (more…)

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By Elizabeth Chang

“Make sure to use self-care!”

This is a frequently used exhortation in the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) community, and it has quickly become a catchphrase in regular conversation among the colleagues in my cohort–though, all we end up saying to get the message across is, “self-care!” (more…)

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Photo by jurvetson

Posed by Joy Wong

It’s been my observation that no matter how great or glorious the  institution, the higher up you go in leadership, the more ugliness you see.  Ugliness in terms of power plays, decision-making, or just the general muck that comes with politics.  At the same time, it seems that no matter how bad it gets in the upper realms of leadership, the “end-users” such as students, parishioners, etc. may actually be quite happy with the institution (more…)

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Photo by Darwin Bell

Posed by Grace Lung

The main source of formal teaching I receive is my husband’s sermons (some of which I hear multiple times) and many of them are targeted at youth.  I also lead bible studies which prevents me from attending a regular service (although preparing bibles studies has been helpful for my growth).  In addition to the lack of accountability and mentors out there, it’s been hard. (more…)

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Maria Liu Wong is the dean of City Seminary of New York, as well as a doctoral candidate of Teachers College at Columbia University. Her focus of study is Asian American, West Indian, African, and Asian women leaders in theological education. Maria is a mom of two kids with one on the way, and married to a great husband who supports her in all her endeavors.

What are your ministry passions?

My passion is for bridge-building and bringing resources to the under-resourced. I started out working in the Bronx with Teach for America, working in an inner city setting. Later, I worked in Ethiopia, and I am now part of a non-profit, humanitarian organization. Social justice issues are very critical for me, and working in the city brings all those things together. (more…)

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Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

by Young Lee Hertig

Recently, while preparing for a sermon on the topic of stewardship and sustainability, I found an oasis that lifted me from the doom and gloom of the current disaster of our economy, exemplified by the slogan “Drill, baby, drill.” (more…)

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Photo by aussiegall

by Melanie Mar Chow

Being a presidential year, the stage is being set to revisit and regain what is truly “American”. In all the rhetoric, I find myself thinking about what is “truth” in all the promises.  Do you wonder what truth the new president’s promises will hold come January?

One “truth” I have struggled with for the past 30 years is why there are so many women absent from leadership positions in the church today. (more…)

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