Friendship: In Haikus

Photo by Ryan Somma

By Tina Teng-Henson

I. Friendship Haikus

Scant years of overlap
Wistful regret for moving
Always in my heart

Earliest friendship
Very different lives these days
Pen pals from the start

My younger sister
Uncertified counselor
The truth tumbles out

Freshman year roommate
Our other pediatrician
Caring confidante

ONS Small Group
We talk monthly without fail
Proud of each other

II. Some with less fullness
So busy you are
Only I initiate
Do you care for me?

I admit I am
Sometimes there, sometimes absent
I have excuses

Mom friend and neighbor
I try too hard to pastor
But that’s my nature

III. Newer
Our kids are good friends
So we are growing in that
Will faith be a part?

Safeway encounter
And you’re a counselor too!
Dance class waiting time

Always improving
Earnest, humble, light-hearted
You love your kids well

IV. Pastoral relationships:
I was your pastor
Now I’m not. Friends or not? hmm…
I am limited.

We would have stayed friends
If your man wasn’t my boss
But sadly he was

I care about you
It’s not your job to care back
But you do, thank you

You’re a truth serum
Decades older and wiser
Yet we are the same

V. Friendships with the other
Is it possible?
You only want to shake hands
I know I’m female

Charismatic, yes
It brings trouble to us all
You can be holy

Chemistry exists
Ministerial in kind
Will Satan thwart us?

VI. My Best Friend For Life
You know all about me,
the good and the bad
You know when I rise
and fall…

You see the beginning
You stand at the end
And yet you remain
Faithful to say
I’m your friend

There will never be a friend
as dear to me as you
There will never be another
closer than a brother

Always worth the wait
As faithful as the day
You say
We are friends

Tina Teng-Henson and her family live in Santa Clara, California. She is presently serving as an interim co-pastor at Orchard Valley Christian Church (orchardvalley.org). She enjoys volleyball, independent film, and being in nature.

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