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Photo by Will

By Wendy Choy-Chan

Perhaps I was naive — of all places, the church should be the one who treats its members equally.
Perhaps I was a conformist — I was taught that men are to lead.
Perhaps I was ignorant — was I being discriminated because of my race, my gender, my accent, or my introverted personality? (more…)

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Photo by Tim Green

Photo by Tim Green

By Young Lee Hertig

My daughter, Raia, is scheduled to undergo a gallbladder removal surgery at the young age of 24.  My immediate reaction is to wonder whether her doctor has exhausted all other options available.

Seen from an Eastern lens, I tend to be skeptical of the more surgery-prone Western medical approach.  The reductionist lens (epistemology) of the West tends to see one leaf without checking the whole tree or the forest.  By contrast, the non-western epistemology is holistic which sees the forest before checking the leaf.

My grandfather practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine and therefore, I am much more rooted in the Eastern medical wisdom than the Western.   (more…)

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Woman's Silhouette in WindowBy Ann Chen

A well-known female preacher recently wrote some reflections about the treatment of women around the world, and recounted her own experience facing discrimination as a woman in ministry. As I enter a season of transition from being overseas to stepping into full-time ministry in the States, I’ve been recounting my own journey as a woman navigating a call into ministry.

I don’t think I’ve faced the type of overt discrimination I’ve heard others go through: women who were told that they had no place in the church except in the nursery, others who were hit back with 1 Corinthians 14:34 if they expressed any opinions, even others who were told that a desire to go into ministry was actually sinful and of the devil. (more…)

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Photo by Thomas Leuthard

By Young Lee Hertig (originally written for ISAAC EXPRESS)

I signed my name to the Open Letter to Evangelicals written by Kathy Khang and Helen Lee during Rick Warren’s Chinese Red Guard Facebook debacle and the ensuing responses.  It was refreshing to finally have united Asian North American (ANA) Christian voices break the silence and name the offenses. ISAAC EXPRESS, in part, was propelled by the debacle to sustain ANA Christian voices.  This online forum aims to provide a communal space where ANA Christians address the challenging issues we face at the many intersections of identity and faith in the North American social matrix. (more…)

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By Rev Dr Young Lee Hertig, Symposium Organizer

The third Asian American Equipping Symposium, entitled “Healing of Memories,” took place at Fuller Theological Seminary on March 19-20, 2012. Its objective was to create a space for Asian American male and female leaders to understand the interdependent dimensions of pain within our families and churches — for as one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. (more…)

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