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By Ajung Sojwal

but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything… John 15:15

I met her on the first day of kindergarten. Jet-black hair, much longer than my bob cut, with the friendliest smile I had ever seen on anyone. She took one look at my cautious examination of the classroom and pulled me to sit next to her on the second bench. Continue Reading »


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By Sharon Lee Song

We don’t use our imaginations enough.  My imagination is what has helped to keep Scripture alive for me.  When various life issues and challenges arise, I’ve looked to Scripture because I wanted to know how other people have handled similar situations or challenges, particularly the way Jesus managed them.  Continue Reading »

Friendship: Ever Evolving

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By Jerrica KF Ching

When I was in elementary school I was convinced that my best friend would be my best friend forever.  I had a BFF locket that I shared with her which further reinforced this belief.  My views on friendship were very static at the time; you make a friend and you keep that friend forever.  It should be simple, right? Continue Reading »

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By Diana Gee

“You and I are here, and I hope that Christ is between us as a third.”

Thus begins the opening dialog in St. Aelred’s classic, Spiritual Friendship. Written in the early 12th century by the highly reputable Cistercian abbot, Spiritual Friendship is a short treatise on the universal experience of human friendship and the value of relatedness through common affection and goodwill. Continue Reading »

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Hello to our readers!

With the end of summer concludes our series on EGG (Ethnicity, Generations, Gender). For the remainder of the year and into 2018, we will be embarking on something quite different: blog themes loosely pulled from the book, Anam Cara, by John O’ Donahue. Continue Reading »

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By Melanie Mar Chow

Growing up, if you asked me to identify women role models, I wouldn’t be able to name any except for Helen Keller or Anne Sullivan, two women that my neighbors who were sisters would fight to role-play. Continue Reading »

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By Ajung Sojwal

As I write this, I wrestle with the long-held notion of gender binary that is now being challenged by society. In a world where the struggle to conform or break out of long-expected female and male roles is an issue, I find asking myself, What does it really mean to see myself as a female created in the image of God?

Genesis 1:27 says God created humankind in his image; unequivocally, it says, that in the image of God he created them male and female. The chapter ends with God giving both the male and female the same authority over all his creation and we are told he is very pleased with it all. Continue Reading »

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