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By Ajung Sojwal

One of the greatest tests that I face as a pastor is empathy. Not only for my parishioners, which is a natural expectation, but also for the one-legged homeless woman who parks her wheelchair right around the corner from our apartment building, shaking the few coins in her paper cup for all who care to hear, and the dust-covered 5-year-old Syrian boy against the brilliant red seat of the ambulance as he is readied to be taken from his bombed home to the hospital. Continue Reading »

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By Liz Chang

I am because I have been cared for.
I do because I care.

These cultivate internal motivation.

It is hard for me to recall much of my childhood, but I do remember the names of specific adults who cared for me in my youth. I remember specific moments when I felt loved by family. And, I have vivid memories of experiencing appreciation from friends. I am who I am today because I have been cared for. Continue Reading »

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By Debbie Gin

“You can do anything, be anything you want.  You can even be the United States president.  You were born here.”  My father used to say this to his children, and, for a good part of my childhood, I believed every word of that mantra.  I don’t believe it now, but I often return to this string of sentiments and how they had a profound effect on my formation and sense of agency. Continue Reading »

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By Sharon Lee Song

Have you ever had “senior-itis” before?  Many of you may remember the feeling of seeing and knowing that the end is in sight, and surprisingly how difficult it feels to stay focused, much less finish well.   Continue Reading »

Photo by Delphine Devos

Photo by Delphine Devos

By Tina Teng-Henson

On Daniel Goleman’s website some years ago, he described the “Traits of a Motivated Leader.” These folk are motivated less by external factors (salary, status, and so on) — and have an ability to achieve beyond the expectations of others.  They learn for the simple joy of learning; they achieve success because they have an inherent passion for the work itself. Continue Reading »



By Ajung Sojwal

In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed. Mark 1:35

One of the lessons I have had to learn as priest and pastor to a church is the one about the priesthood of being a sacred symbol for the people. Continue Reading »

Photo by Ingrid Taylar

Photo by Ingrid Taylar

By Jerrica KF Ching

The idea of self-regulation is to regulate one’s self without intervention from external factors, and I for one am often influenced by external factors.  It is very easy to respond positively to a positive outcome.  Positive outcomes include: when we find out we received that job we were hoping for, when an event we planned in ministry goes well, or when we are recognized for our efforts by others.  Continue Reading »

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