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Photo by Nick Allen

By Sharon Lee Song

We don’t use our imaginations enough.  My imagination is what has helped to keep Scripture alive for me.  When various life issues and challenges arise, I’ve looked to Scripture because I wanted to know how other people have handled similar situations or challenges, particularly the way Jesus managed them.  (more…)

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Photo by SodanieChea

Photo by SodanieChea

By Tina Teng-Henson

I wonder if there’s a season in ethnic identity development where you feel like “your” ethnicity has the corner on all the tough stuff: Asian Americans have toxic shame…why can’t we communicate more directly?…Chinese immigrants are frugal to a fault (“cheap!”)…notoriously conflict-avoidant…always saving face.

Recently, I mediated a conflict between an Asian friend and a Latina friend – both dear to me, both unique and beautiful in their own right. Somehow, they’d become the best of friends in the fall – but then by December, something had shifted, and their friendship ended as unexpectedly as it began. (more…)

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Photo by jenny downing

Shared by Melody Chen

What have you been learning lately?

On a personal level, one big lesson I’ve been learning is about humility in relationships because of the dating relationship I’m in. You go to school to become a therapist and you think you become an expert on relationships – conflict resolution, how to navigate difficult situations, but when it comes to real life and when you’re faced with another person in everyday situations, it seems like all the knowledge you learned goes out the window.  (more…)

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