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Lamb Tongues

Photo by hobvias sudoneighm

Photo by hobvias sudoneighm

By Vivian Mabuni

I push the grocery cart fast, breezing through the aisles. Places to go, errands to run, lots of this and that on my mind. And out of the corner of my eye I see the yellow tray. It doesn’t register until after I push past the glass case.

I’m brought to a complete stop. And then I back up my cart and peer in. (more…)

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Photo by vonSchnauzer

By Debbie Gin

During my recent trip to Asia, I was surprised by two things — both of which continue to keep my mind busy and unsettled, so I share them here in hopes for some dialogue.

The first surprise (even after seeing many movies set in Hong Kong) was the realization that Hong Kong is almost all hills.  As such, directions to a location come in three dimensions.  (more…)

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