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Photo by Malcolm Slaney

Photo by Malcolm Slaney

By Melanie Mar Chow

“Self-regulation… [is] the quality of emotional intelligence that liberates us from living like hostages to our impulses.”  — Daniel Goleman, A Star Leader’s Secret Weapon

It must be February! Why?  My recent trips to the gym have thinned, post-New Year’s resolutions. Only thin people persevere to regulate body size.  Where are all of my new friends who were going to lose weight this year with me?  What happened to my own discipline, especially when I got a cold and didn’t go to the gym for a few weeks? (more…)


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img_1007And so it begins!  Another new year is upon us, and we here at AAWOL are ready to embark on reflections and stories on new themes for the coming year.

To kick off 2017, Young Lee Hertig — founder of AAWOL in 2004 — suggested that we reflect on the five dimensions of Daniel Goleman’s EQ (emotional quotient), mainly: 1) Self-Awareness, 2) Self-Regulation, 3) Inner Motivation, 4) Empathy, 5) Social Relationship.

Since I myself only had a vague understanding of the concept of EQ, I asked Young to explain a bit more about her choice of themes. (more…)

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