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Photo by Highbrow AV

By Debbie Gin

Can you be present to someone online? Can you practice presence online?

These are questions we’ve been asking in our work with theological schools. More officially, our
questions have centered around: Can people be formed online? (Formation can be about your spiritual
life, your faith, your pastoral skills, your intellectual skills or knowledge, your capacities for human character, your commitments to justice or social justice, etc., but this is for another blog post.) Whatever your context includes in “formation,” can that occur online? (more…)


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Photo by Stefano A.

Photo by Stefano A.

By Liz Chang

She walked like a penguin as we headed toward my office. It was a familiar waddle that looked as though her toes were not able to bend as they usually do when walking. I looked down and my familiarity with the waddle was confirmed: she was trying to avoid creasing her fresh Air Force 1’s, the same exact kind of sneakers that were popular when I was in middle school 13 years ago. (more…)

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