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Photo by Jack Batchelor

By Melanie Mar Chow

Freedom comes in knowing God’s voice. In listening, we will hear God’s invitation to experience His life for us and others.  Vacations, holidays, or extended times of quiet can help us develop the ability to know God’s voice, and momentarily set aside the other voices that vie for our attention.

For me, it comes in a simple beckoning, and it is often quiet and persistent. It came again last month while I was sitting at my desk, busy with ministry preparation. (more…)

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A New Name

Photo by 丹涅拉 - Dani Gama

By Angela Song

Earlier this year, I found myself unusually tired. Tired of being afraid, tired of having so many fears, tired of the fishbone that’s been stuck in my throat since the age of seven.  Out of desperation, I got into a shouting match with God, only to find that He was leading me to the Jabbok River, to a vision of Jacob wrestling the angel of God.  That night, He gave me a revelation of who I was in the Spirit, but before I could fully claim it, I had to wrestle Him to prove that I would commit to an enduring struggle for a new name if that was what it meant to be free.  He won. (more…)

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Photo by linh.ngân

by Chloe Sun

I have always perceived myself as a foreigner in America.  My parents were born and raised in Vietnam.  I was born in China, raised in Hong Kong and came to the U.S. for college about twenty years ago.  Identity became an ever more prominent issue when I came to teach at a seminary that was predominantly Taiwanese in Los Angeles. (more…)

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Photo by arquera

Writers’ Feedback Gathering
Friday, October 26, 2007
4:00 – 8:00 pm
Catalyst, Fuller Theological Seminary

Unlike our male counterparts, Asian American Evangelical Women (AAEW) of each generation often find ourselves lacking a safe space and role models, causing us to resort to a perpetual pioneering state.  Internalizing extreme belief systems of the East and the West and integrating them with Christianity, many AAEW leaders face extreme pressure, stress, and alienation leading to burnout and depression.  (more…)

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