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Photo by Pantelis Roussakis

By Joy Wong

“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.” –Genesis 1:31 NRSV

I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to feel like I’ve mastered something — whether it’s a particular project, a hobby, a performance, etc. One of the greatest challenges I’ve found in parenting, particularly in the first years of life, has been the constant changes. (more…)

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The Pillar of Salt

Photo by Nate Steiner

Photo by Nate Steiner

By Eun Joo Angela Ryo

I never knew that moving could be so difficult.  So stressful.  So painful.  So…hollow.  I never really left Chicago since I had immigrated there at age 9.  I went to a state university that was only three hours away and came back home upon graduation to attend a nearby seminary, got married, had children, and bought a house and settled in the suburb of Chicago until a few months ago, when my husband landed a job near Ann Arbor.  (more…)

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Falling Upward

Photo by Neal.

By Chloe Sun

When do we know if we enter mid-life? Is it when we turn 40, 45, or 50? Is it when we see wrinkles on our face? Is it when we spot the first signs of grey hair? Is it when we see that our children are taller than us? For me, mid-life comes when I know that my time ahead of me is limited. Mid-life comes when life becomes more precious.

Mid-life comes when we may feel a sense of loss, a sense of “over the hill,” and a sense of “falling.” Richard Rohr’s book, Falling Upward, captures the fascinating paradox of entering the second half of our lives. It is not falling down but “falling up.” I’ve been asking myself, In what ways am I “falling up”? (more…)

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