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Teaching is Learning

Photo by Daniel Hurst Photography

Photo by Daniel Hurst Photography

By Eun Joo Angela Ryo

After being a full-time seminary student for the last three years, going back to teaching has been a breath of fresh air.  Don’t get me wrong; seminary has been one of the most formative periods in my adult life.  As a new seminary grad, I still experience post-seminary depression more often than I care to admit.  However, life had to go on — albeit reluctantly — and this teaching job sort of just fell into my lap.  Two weeks after my graduation, I started working as a full time certified teacher at a youth residential facility for undocumented unaccompanied minors.  Before then, I was oblivious to the fact that each year, thousands of children from places like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador make the journey to America via freight trains and buses through the scorching desert for what often ends up being only a mirage of a better future. (more…)

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