God Sees

Photo by Thomas Leuthard

Photo by Thomas Leuthard

By Liz Chang

I have never seen him glow with such a peaceful smile before. It was full of joy and deep reward for all the years he chose commitment and steadfast loyalty to care for her. He continues to care for her, but things have changed. She is not the same person he knew from three months ago, but perhaps he sees more of the woman he married 27 years ago.

My parents’ relationship reflects an incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness and love. While their story is not mine to tell, I will say that I refuse to believe they fearfully surrendered to fate. Rather, I believe that they daily take up their armor and press through the challenges that they face together and with each other. Each of my parents have a story of physical hardship through which the other remained faithful and persistent. The season of their engagement and early marriage was when my father was facing health concerns, and the majority of their marriage has been full of pressing through hardship with my mother’s health.

Three months ago, my mother had brain surgery and the person that I knew of for nearly 20 years of my life dramatically changed into a person I am newly discovering to be my mother. This new person is likely more similar to who she actually is at heart, prior to the multiple-year development of a brain tumor that we had no idea about until this past summer. She is a caring woman, full of dignity and empathy. She enjoys laughter and sings songs when she feels at ease. She is the mother that I have vague memories of from my early childhood; the one who sang songs to me and made funny voices with my stuffed animals. The mother who was hidden by a brain tumor for so many years, I now see glimpses of daily.

There are times when we need to accept the circumstance and persevere through the season, knowing that there is an end to the season ahead. But, there are also times when there is no end in sight and persistence is hard to maintain. I had no idea there would be an end to the season that has refined me so deeply, and I had no idea this kind of change was even an option. God’s creative possibilities are far beyond my thoughts! God saw the circumstance and knows my mother’s heart and my father’s heart. God sees each of us.

My father had figured out how to use video chat on Facebook, and randomly called to see if it worked. When I accepted his video chat call, I saw him sitting next to my mother and they were both beaming with excitement to see me. I had never seen him glow with such a peaceful smile before. I have much to be grateful for today.

Liz Chang resides in Seattle, WA and works for Navos as a substance abuse prevention & intervention specialist at a local middle school, and as a child and family therapist. She graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a Masters of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is working towards certification as a Chemical Dependency Professional. 

I Hate Change…

Photo by Jonathan Kriz

Photo by Jonathan Kriz

By Debbie Gin

…or so I thought.  When friends or family decide on a venue for dinner, I typically get annoyed if additional options are mentioned after the decision’s been made because that means we waste more time considering the pros/cons of those options instead of proceeding right away to the restaurant.  It doesn’t help that I’m not a “foodie,” but change has always felt unreliable to me. Continue Reading »

Photo by Enid Yu

Photo by Enid Yu

By Joy Wong

I am used to reading signals from other people — whether their facial expressions, body language, words used, etc — to assess how they feel about me. While this sounds normal for the average person, I tend to do it in excess.   Continue Reading »

Photo by xinem

Photo by xinem

By Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

My experience growing up in a Chinese immigrant family in California is almost embarrassingly stereotypical. I was taught to respect my elders and work hard in school. I learned piano and attended Chinese school. In academics, I was held to the usual Chinese standards: only As and A-pluses were allowed; anything short of 100 percent on tests was failure; and all mistakes were earth-shattering events. My mom was very much what we’ve come to call a tiger mom, and my dad was her supportive (though mostly silent) partner in constantly pushing my older sister and me to do better. Continue Reading »

Photo by Alias 0591

Photo by Alias 0591

By Jerrica Ching

Many of my fellow Asian American sisters in Christ have submitted entries on anxiety, busy schedules, and learning to find humor in the chaos of our lives.  Similar to these wonderful women, I too have a humorous story to share. Continue Reading »

Photo by Riza Nugraha

Photo by Riza Nugraha

By Vivian Mabuni

Leadership. Our ability to stay the course and maintain perspective amidst the stress, the demands, the spiritual warfare, and the misunderstandings has everything to do with the type of people we choose to be around. This post originally was shared over at SheReadsTruth. Continue Reading »
Photo by Seth Lemmons

Photo by Seth Lemmons

By Melanie Mar Chow

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
–Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

As a long-time advocate for disciple-making, mentoring and following Jesus, I have been thinking a lot recently about how we grow and find God’s guidance to navigate the challenges of life.  The writer of I John spends a lot of ink and paper to remind us the importance of what it means to be God’s children.  The bottom line is that as God’s children, our paths should direct us to God’s ways of life — but do they? Continue Reading »


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