Photo by m01229

Photo by m01229

By Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

I have a confession to make: I’m not very good at using those self-checkout machines at the grocery store. Somehow I end up losing track of which items I’ve scanned, or my reusable bags mess up the weighing mechanism and the attendant on duty has to release me from a locked system. Continue Reading »

Photo by seyed mostafa zamani

Photo by seyed mostafa zamani

By Jerrica Ching

On April 4th of this year, my 95-year-old grandfather was called home to be with God.  I consider him to be the most independent man I know to date; he cut the grass on his own lawn and drove his car around town up to the age of 93!  To me he was invincible, and I truly believed he would live to be 100 or even older.  Continue Reading »

Lamb Tongues

Photo by hobvias sudoneighm

Photo by hobvias sudoneighm

By Vivian Mabuni

I push the grocery cart fast, breezing through the aisles. Places to go, errands to run, lots of this and that on my mind. And out of the corner of my eye I see the yellow tray. It doesn’t register until after I push past the glass case.

I’m brought to a complete stop. And then I back up my cart and peer in. Continue Reading »

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Embracing Wholeness

Photo by Horia Varlan

Photo by Horia Varlan

By Tina Teng-Henson

After 9 months of being my daughter’s main care-provider, I was finally ready to find and pay for consistent childcare so I could focus anew on schoolwork — which then led me further down a path I needed to take: one of more fully integrating this new identity of mine as a new mom with the other parts of who I was before my daughter arrived – daughter, grad student, minister, friend, wife. Continue Reading »

Photo by jenny downing

Photo by jenny downing

By Ann Chen

I’ve always been somebody who’s rushing from one thing to the next.

In my grade school days, I often would be the first one done, often forgoing neatness to finish faster. At home, my mom always commented that I didn’t seem to want to stay still and rarely just sat down and rested, going from youth group to movies with friends to working on the paper at school. Continue Reading »

By Young Lee Hertig

Last Sunday, I arrived in Seoul to make my annual visit to my mom — at least, annually since my father’s passing two years ago. Thankfully, two of my sisters reside in Seoul, which allows me to be the “annual daughter.”

With each passing year, the air quality here is becoming more and more hazardous due to China’s pollution.  The weather in May felt like that of hot summer.  On the first night, I noticed my eyes stung and my throat felt inflamed.  My body seemed to be running on high alert. Continue Reading »


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