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Time: Eternity

Photo by Sundaram Ramaswamy

By Sharon Lee Song

If any of you are PBS television watchers, you may remember that one of their sponsors is Viking River Cruises. One of the commercials features Torstein Hagen, the founder and chairman of Viking,and he narrates, while beautiful European scenes scroll across the screen:

“When you really philosophize about it, there is only one that you don’t have enough of, and that’s time. (more…)


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Time: Intermission

Photo by Ben Becker

By Joanne Moon

The first time I watched a musical as an adult, I was on a date in disguise – the kind where you don’t know you are on one and the other person counts on your naivete to take you on it.

At a whoppin’ eighteen years old, I was at a theatre I don’t recall now, watching the stories of these people with references I didn’t fully understand but their singing, the movements, the tension and its release in the air captured my attention. (more…)

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Photo by 4512 Image Hosting

By Melanie Mar Chow

I seized an opportunity to attend the Urbana 18 Student Missions Conference and was reminded that no one transitions from one year to another better than this. How awesome it was to be with like-minded people who love on the college campus and know what it means to join into worship and praise of our Lord Jesus. Urbana offers something that many don’t experience: the experience of being with thousands of people who intentionally gather for a week in a freezing cold environment (ok Cali bias) to praise Jesus and be encouraged to do something bigger than our individual experience could ever offer via missional communities sharing the infectious love of Jesus. (more…)

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By April Yamasaki

What is time?

I’ve been watching a mini-series on Albert Einstein, the brilliant physicist who asked this grand question, whose great intellect and imagination were so taken with it, to the detriment of his personal and professional life. (more…)

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Aging: God With Us

Photo by Waiting For The Word

By Diana Gee

Today I forgot to buy red peppers for a dish I’m making for a church potluck. A week I ago I forgot I had a house community dinner. A few months ago I completely forgot a meeting and left a friend eating lunch by herself. Age, it seems, is catching up with me. It’s not bad if I remember to write things down. Still, it’s rather disconcerting when your mind, or body, begins to betray you despite your best efforts to live like nothing is changing. (more…)

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Photo by Nan Palmero

By Ajung Sojwal

Soon after I turned 31, having been a stay-home mom with two kids for six years or so, I became anxious that life was passing me by. I became afraid of waking up one day filled with regrets for having wasted my life. My conversations and reading materials seemed to begin and end with everything to do with children and nothing else. (more…)

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Aging: Choiceless Choices

Photo by chico945

By Angela Ryo

My dad turned 80 last month. I never thought I’d see the day my dad would turn 80, but there I was, driving to Chicago from Detroit to celebrate his 80th birthday. He celebrated just the way he wanted:  Eating take-out Chinese food from his favorite place, surrounded by his children and grandchildren, and talking to his 88-year-old brother in Korea over the phone. (more…)

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