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Warrior in Pink CoverBy Vivian Mabuni

When I finally made it home, I headed straight to our bedroom. I lay on the bed, pulled the covers over me, and closed my eyes. I tried to rest, but my mind couldn’t settle. My prayer in the food court about letting people in came to mind. I found myself at the same crossroads of deciding whether to muster up self-sufficient strength and go all Christian Rambo—just me and Jesus—or take the braver route to open my heart and let people into my fear. My Asian heritage and cultural value of “don’t rock the boat” or “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down” amplified my struggle of not wanting to bother people with my problems. I saw this dynamic played out over and over with my family and my Asian friends. One friend tweaked her back so badly she could barely walk. We had planned to have people over for a luncheon. I suggested we order out for pizza so she could rest.

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The journey of the AAWOL sisters has reached its latest destination!

SoCal ISAAC invites you to join the upcoming celebration of its women’s initiative, AAWOL.  The celebration will feature the inaugural launch and distribution of the newly released and long awaited book, Mirrored Reflections:  Reframing Biblical Characters.  Six years in the making, from the original writing retreats, to the now historic October 26, 2007 Fuller reading gathering, to the “too-numerous-to-count” meetings and time of prayer, this day comes with much joy and praise!  Look forward to being a part of history as you consider your participation.

When: 10:00am-2:00pm, Saturday, September 25, 2010

Location: Fuller Theological Seminary, Payton 101

Cost: $30  (includes lunch and a copy of the book); $50 after Fri, Sept. 17th

Event Contact: Joy Wong at aawolsisters@gmail.com or 626-795-1559

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