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By Liz Chang

Called it! Is what we would say when playing basketball. We would shoot the basketball, and when we took a shot that we knew was headed right into the basket, we would say, “That’s going in,” and not even run in for the rebound. If we made the shot despite opponents’ doubts, we would say it: “Called it.” That basketball belonged in that hoop. (more…)

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Shared by Nadia Siswanto

What have you been learning lately?

I’ve been going through a desert season of my life, feeling discouraged and low on hope.  One recent evening, the events of the day came rushing back to my memory and I had a sudden realization.  Earlier that day, I had been surrounded by women friends from my community group and we had an amazing time, breaking bread, laughing and crying together.  For many years, I had prayed for a solid community of Christian women friends in LA and it wasn’t until that moment that I realized that God had been faithful.  I never expected that these women would be the answer to my prayers nor did I expect they would share my love for yummy food!

I’ve been seeing this pattern in my life, over and over:  It seems that every good gift that I’ve received from God – usually in the form of significant people being brought into my life — has involved a long wait and the cultivation of patience.  During the waiting period, I tend to ask God, Why does it have to take this long? (more…)

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