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Debbie in APU Office

Photo by Sun Ju Kim

Now that I’ve experienced half my expected life, there are several things I wish somebody had coached me on earlier.  Of course, following this list will not guarantee success in leadership positions, but they are a dozen tangible things you can do to change both your own perceptions and the perceptions of those around you.  (more…)

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Photo by Mariano Kamp

By Kate Hwang

Lately I’ve just been learning a lot about what it means to be obedient in my work.  I feel like God has called me to my finance job, but all the things that I would identify myself as – Asian, female, introvert, mother, and Christian – make me feel like a fish out of water in my industry.  (more…)

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Photo by Robo Android

Shared by Aileen Hong

For most of my life, I really struggled with measuring up.  Specifically, I felt the need to strive for the Asian American Dream.  I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother about my cousins who attended Ivy League schools, got respectable high-paying jobs as doctors and lawyers, and married good-looking successful spouses.  As I heard these stories, I wanted to be someone my grandmother could be proud of.  I secretly hoped that I would be worthy of her praise too, not just my cousins.  So, I internalized these stories of their worldly successes as expectations upon myself.  (more…)

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Photo by paul (dex)

Shared by Ann Chen

One thing I’ve been learning this year is the importance of prayer as a leader. In the past, when ministering to people, I usually asked myself questions like, What advice can I give?  How can I help?  What can I do?  How can I walk with them? and I struggled as I sought to help them. (more…)

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Photo by aussiegall

Shared by Khanh Ho

Something God has been reminding me over and over again is my worth and value in Him.  I’ve been experiencing revelation on this through various experiences.  It all started a little over a year ago, when a friend of mine got engaged and came to visit me in LA.  During her visit, I asked her questions of how her engagement had come about.  (more…)

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Photo by juliejordanscott

Shared by Anita Liu

An area in which God has been challenging me is the area of reconciliation and forgiving others — and being humble.  From recent events in my family and life, I’ve been seeing that people wrong each other all the time.  I find that as an Asian American woman, or perhaps simply as an Asian, I am very prideful.  (more…)

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Photo by aussiegall

By Priscilla Chen

I am currently on a sabbatical and have been spending a lot of time with family as a result.  I’m realizing that the people I thought I knew best and loved the most have all changed and grown since I left home several years ago.  This sudden myopic distance has caused me to magnify their faults (more…)

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Photo by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

Shared by Tammy Peng

In the past two months, I’ve come to realize that my life has become too packed.  Our church was planted in 2007, and that was a job in itself.  I was also working a full-time job and starting a business on the side. Eventually, I ended up quitting my job which helped, but somehow my life just got filled up with other things.  (more…)

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Photo by Xanetia

Shared by Maria Liu Wong

God has always pushed me to cross boundaries and go beyond my comfort zone.  Prior to my doctoral program, I found that many of my circles were too limiting; I had too many Christians in my circles, and I began to feel convicted that I needed to have more hard conversations with non-Christians.  But how can you be a witness and testimony if all the people around you are Christians? (more…)

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Photo by Athena's Pix (Away for a few weeks)

Shared by Sharon Kim

What have you been learning lately?

This past year, I’ve been practicing the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, also called the “19th Annotation exercises,” which involves setting aside an hour a day to meditate deeply on Scripture and to use your imagination in order to enter into the setting of the Scripture passage.  It has been absolutely awesome and life-transforming for me.

It’s so easy to be distracted and to let physical and temporary things consume your mind.  It’s also easy to let your mind wander during quiet times and to not take the time to still yourself before God in a focused manner.  (more…)

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