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Photo by Logan Pelletier

By Sharon Lee Song

Emmanuel means God with us. God is with you always. Take a moment, and reflect on this. Do we know this truth? Do we know that God is present with us, moment by moment? How present are we to ourselves, to one another, and to God? Are we paying attention?

There is power in the ministry of presence. As a spiritual director, we often refer to the ministry of spiritual direction as a ministry of presence. I have seen how powerful presence is for me, for my directees, and most importantly, with God.


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Photo by Johan Larsson

Photo by Johan Larsson

By Young Lee Hertig

One of the highlights in 2012 for me was my trip to Korea in May and subsequently yielding to the world of the smartphone. From the smartphone world, my previous red LG phone feels like a Blockbuster video in the age of Netflix. Why was I so reluctant to own a smartphone? (more…)

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