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Photo by Logan Pelletier

By Sharon Lee Song

Emmanuel means God with us. God is with you always. Take a moment, and reflect on this. Do we know this truth? Do we know that God is present with us, moment by moment? How present are we to ourselves, to one another, and to God? Are we paying attention?

There is power in the ministry of presence. As a spiritual director, we often refer to the ministry of spiritual direction as a ministry of presence. I have seen how powerful presence is for me, for my directees, and most importantly, with God.

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Photo by Peggy Reimchen

By Ajung Sojwal

Solitude is that kind of a mystery where the spiritual experience of it completely defies the textbook definition of it. An encounter with solitude is a good thing, desperately needed even, if we really want to get to the depths of our yearnings. To be able to distinguish solitude from loneliness or isolation has been a long and painful process for me. (more…)

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Photo by yeowatzup

By Young Lee Hertig

My recent visit to Korea alarmed me about how fast Korean society has changed into one of the most wired countries in the world.  Steve Jobs changed human behavior forever!  Digital streaming is readily available even in the subways.  People’s eyes were glued to their iPhone screens, their ears plugged with headphones.  Hence, even a public space like the subway is highly individualized with no human interaction in a country that was once all about community.  Undoubtedly, it offers convenience and efficiencies beyond what the U.S. offers at the moment. (more…)

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by Young Lee Hertig

I started teaching at a seminary in the summer of 1992, a few months after the verdict in the Rodney King trial exploded into what is now commonly known as the L.A. Riots.  I watched as African-American anger – triggered by an unjust verdict rendered by an all-white jury – directed its wrath at Korean-owned mom-and-pop shops.  I watched powerlessly as my city burned even as signs of the cross hung high in every street corner. (more…)

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