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My Fall 2006 Greek Intensive Class... can you guess which one I am?:)

By Joy Wong

Last week, I was asked by Fuller’s Asian American Theological Fellowship (AATF) whether I could think of a recent Fuller seminary graduate (ideally out of seminary for 3-5 years) in Southern California who was 1) Asian American, 2) a woman, and 3) currently serving in a church.  You would think that I’d have the connections to find someone — not only have I been at Fuller since 2005, but also I’ve stayed in the area until now, and I was a leader in the Chinese Student Fellowship for two years.  Even if I didn’t know anyone, I felt certain that someone I knew would know somebody who fit those qualifications.  However, after emailing all my contacts without result and fruitlessly racking my brain trying to think of somebody, I gave up.  It never occurred to me how scarce seminary-trained Asian American women in church ministry are!  (more…)

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