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Photo by David Kusserow

By Sharon Lee Song

Have you ever had “senior-itis” before?  Many of you may remember the feeling of seeing and knowing that the end is in sight, and surprisingly how difficult it feels to stay focused, much less finish well.   (more…)

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My Fall 2006 Greek Intensive Class... can you guess which one I am?:)

By Joy Wong

Last week, I was asked by Fuller’s Asian American Theological Fellowship (AATF) whether I could think of a recent Fuller seminary graduate (ideally out of seminary for 3-5 years) in Southern California who was 1) Asian American, 2) a woman, and 3) currently serving in a church.  You would think that I’d have the connections to find someone — not only have I been at Fuller since 2005, but also I’ve stayed in the area until now, and I was a leader in the Chinese Student Fellowship for two years.  Even if I didn’t know anyone, I felt certain that someone I knew would know somebody who fit those qualifications.  However, after emailing all my contacts without result and fruitlessly racking my brain trying to think of somebody, I gave up.  It never occurred to me how scarce seminary-trained Asian American women in church ministry are!  (more…)

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