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Photo by Elsie Hui

By Wendy Choy-Chan

I had always felt inclined to attend social gatherings — potluck dinners, outings, movies, even activities I didn’t really enjoy but where I could just hang out with friends. However, almost every time, especially when it involved a big group of people, I came home exhausted and disappointed. (more…)

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Photo by ● Łéł†Āķ Mă3ý ●

By Diana Gee

“You and I are here, and I hope that Christ is between us as a third.”

Thus begins the opening dialog in St. Aelred’s classic, Spiritual Friendship. Written in the early 12th century by the highly reputable Cistercian abbot, Spiritual Friendship is a short treatise on the universal experience of human friendship and the value of relatedness through common affection and goodwill. (more…)

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Photo by Thomas Rousing

Hello to our readers!

With the end of summer concludes our series on EGG (Ethnicity, Generations, Gender). For the remainder of the year and into 2018, we will be embarking on something quite different: blog themes loosely pulled from the book, Anam Cara, by John O’ Donahue. (more…)

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Photo by cliff1066

By Tina Teng-Henson

Friendship, the fifth Confucian relationship, is often overlooked, placed behind and beneath the more ‘important’ relationships of Ruler-Subject, Father-Son, Husband-Wife, Older brother-Younger brother. These are all hierarchical, role-based, rigid relationships in Asian culture and society.  (more…)

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