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Photo by Christos Loufopoulos

By Jerrica KF Ching

The word spontaneity often brings up a complexity of emotions in me that takes some time sorting through and processing.  In the past, I would not have described myself as a spontaneous person, and viewed it as the antithesis of being an organized person.  (more…)

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Photo by Giuseppe Milo

By Jerrica KF Ching

With the cold and wintry months upon us, I am sure that many of my AAWOL sisters and readers have taken precautionary measures to keep their bodies healthy and flu-free.  We all know those signs of an incoming cold, right?  Muscles become tired, heads become feverish, throats cough, noses sneeze, and then we are faced with the choice to keep on pushing through in hopes we will be magically cured overnight, or we stop and recharge and give our bodies the rest it needs.  Our bodies give us signals of ailments to come, which allow us to plan (or not plan) accordingly to all our bodies to heal. (more…)

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Photo by Nolan O'Brien

Photo by Nolan O’Brien

By Elizabeth Chang

What have I gotten myself into?

This is the question I tend to ask myself when I have a tough day at work. There’s something about this kind of work that tugs at the heart and bares the human soul. There is no escape from facing the realities of living in a broken world where innocence is lost or even stolen at the expense of young children. (more…)

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“Small” Reasons to Live

Photo by striatic

By Chloe Sun

This summer, I watched an old movie called “Scent of a Woman,” played by Al Pacino (named Frank in the movie).  In the movie, he played a middle-aged blind veteran, single, and estranged from his family of origin. His last wish in life was to live in a five-star hotel in New York, eat at a high-end restaurant, have a relationship with a woman, and then kill himself. His opportunity came when a college student (played by Chris O’Donnell) was hired to be his caretaker for a weekend. During the process of achieving his last desires in life, Frank not only did all he wished for, he also had the opportunities to dance with a woman and to drive a Ferrari. (more…)

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