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Photo by Atish Banerjee

By Young Lee Hertig

Leaving 2013 behind, the year of the snake, I am excited to welcome 2014, the year of the white horse.  Growing up with Asian folk culture meant that each new year was met with the assigned animal symbol and subsequent foretelling of what the year might bring.  Personally, I like the horse much better than the snake; since childhood, I have never been able to even touch a picture of snakes!

Resonating with the symbolism of the white horse — free, independent, spirited — I dare to dream of a more equal society rooted in the virtue of seeking common good.  (more…)

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by Debbie Gin

Photo by SBA73

Have you ever wondered why a lot of the work done by women doesn’t get much credit? (That is, unless it’s women doing “men’s” work.)

I grew up in a Korean American household, where my mom did almost everything at home – cooking, cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, trash, yard work, paying the bills, dishwashing, attending to kids’ needs, sewing kids’ clothes – and worked (more…)

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