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Photo by craftivist collective

By Young Lee Hertig

While reflecting on the five dimensions of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, I am struck by the impending disruption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that would replace large numbers at the workforce. Will we be vulnerable to artificial emotion?  It seems feasible sooner than later.  How then do we decipher authentic emotions from artificial emotions?  These issues merit a series of blogs for later but for now, I will reflect on human social skills. (more…)

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Photo by Kasia

Photo by Kasia

By Melanie Mar Chow

How do we know Jesus loves us?  Not just the ways the Bible tells us how much the Father loves us, how Jesus sacrificed his life for us as an act of love, or how we love because Jesus first loved us.

I have been considering this more and realize that people need to know about the powerful love of God in more tangible ways.  As a campus minister, I am reminded by the honest cries of youth.  (more…)

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Photo by aussiegall

By Priscilla Chen

I am currently on a sabbatical and have been spending a lot of time with family as a result.  I’m realizing that the people I thought I knew best and loved the most have all changed and grown since I left home several years ago.  This sudden myopic distance has caused me to magnify their faults (more…)

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Photo by faith goble

by Melanie Mar Chow

This past weekend, I was on retreat.  I really treasure the quiet times retreats afford.  I have learned that, especially in full-time ministry, one has to defend her personal time and space.  Without our “God-times,” we would not be able to serve as effective ministers.  Without these times, we would not be able to comprehend how much He loves us and the plans He has for people (including ourselves); we would miss out on grasping His heart and His intention. (more…)

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