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Photo by Edward musiak

By Jerrica KF Ching

Throughout my entire time in the Pacific Northwest, I have wrestled with feeling torn between assimilation and acculturation. I have found it quite difficult to balance the values of family, collectivity, and interdependence that created the foundation on which I was raised, with wanting to be more assertive, independent, and viewed as an equal in the workplace.  If I were to describe my presence as an Asian American woman when I first moved from Hawaii to Oregon, it would be quiet, unnoticeable, and timid. (more…)

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Jessica Chen is a full-time doctoral student at Loma Linda in Marital & Family Therapy. She has an MFT degree from Fuller Theological Seminary as well as a BA in Design Media Arts from UCLA.  Her favorite food is “niu rou mien” (translation: beef noodle soup), and her favorite hobbies include calligraphy and spending time with Madeleine, her miniature schnauzer.

What are your ministry passions?  How did you discern these passions in your life?

While growing up in a Taiwanese American church, I started mentoring sisters and seeing a lot of things I didn’t know how to address from a purely biblical point of view.  (more…)

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