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Photo by Kenny Louie

By Christine Suh

“What’s the state of your soul? Let me clarify: I don’t mean, ‘saved versus unsaved.’ I mean, how is your soul doing? Is it energetic, weary, depleted, worn out, anticipatory, content, exhausted, confused, or disoriented? What is the state of your soul?” (more…)

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Photo by Leonard J Matthews

By Maria Liu Wong

Empathy is the ability to be aware of the feelings and needs of others. It is seeing and understanding from the point of view of another. It involves not only understanding others, but being able to develop others, to serve them, to leverage diversity, and to be politically aware, as Daniel Goleman suggests in the context of emotional intelligence. Distinct from sympathy — which it is often confused with and involves instead feeling compassion for another — empathy is more personal, and requires stepping into the shoes of another. (more…)

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