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Photo by Kasia

Photo by Kasia

By Melanie Mar Chow

How do we know Jesus loves us?  Not just the ways the Bible tells us how much the Father loves us, how Jesus sacrificed his life for us as an act of love, or how we love because Jesus first loved us.

I have been considering this more and realize that people need to know about the powerful love of God in more tangible ways.  As a campus minister, I am reminded by the honest cries of youth.  (more…)

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Shana Won*ISAAC’s 5th Symposium: Healing of Memories, Healing of Finances will be held on October 5th at Evergreen Baptist Church, San Gabriel Valley. Registration Now Available HERE.

Shana Won, Certified Financial Planner, has been in the business of helping her clients achieve their financial goals for over 20 years. At ISAAC’s 5th Symposium, Shana will be sharing her wisdom and practical tools during our “Healing of Finances” session.

Shana’s workshop will lead attendees through “Decoupling Emotional Ties to Your Money,” during which she will tackle the following questions:

  • How often have you been angry over money?
  • How often have you felt shamed by money?
  • How often have you felt happy over money?
  • How often do you covet other’s good fortune?
  • Have you ever been paralyzed by fear of not having enough money? (more…)

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Photo by mikebaird

By Joy Wong

I have a rather embarrassing confession to make:  For the years that I’ve been married (a little over four years), I have been totally uninvolved and unaware of our household financial situation.  I take the blame for this — not only do I seem to have an unexplainable inner repulsion to anything having to do with finances, but also I have extremely short-term memory in regards to the subject.  For example, from time to time, my husband has tried to sit me down and explain our financial status, but when questioned about it thirty seconds later, I’ll have found that I have no recollection of any of the numbers or amounts he was just talking about — in one ear and out the other! (more…)

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