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By visualdensity

By Debbie Gin

You may have heard the saying, “Integrity is how you carry yourself when no one is looking.” While I mostly agree with this view, I have recently wondered whether it is enough. What I mean is, I wonder whether it is too self-directed, too individualistic, and perhaps too short-term. Let me explain with an anecdote.

Recently, I guest-lectured for a class on leadership, and I was specifically asked to exegete a biblical passage about a woman character through the lens of leadership. In the session, I proceeded to show how skillfully Ruth “shifted self” in order to meet the needs of the specific communities she entered (more…)

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Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

by Debbie Gin

I used to question my integrity a lot.  I felt twinges of shame whenever I interacted with people because I thought I wasn’t “the real me” in every context.  I behaved one way with my peers, another way with my family, and yet another way with my professors. I thought of myself as a fraud, a chameleon, easily changed by the presenting situation. At times, I even wondered whether I was “prostituting” myself out, becoming whatever my context needed me to be.

I also felt pressure to find my own path but felt conflicted on several levels. On the one hand, I resented my parents’ strong influence and expectations; (more…)

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