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Photo by Joel Olives

By Christine Chou

What have you been learning lately?

I recently read a short article in the Biola University magazine entitled “Who’s Yo Mama?” in which Joseph Hellerman discusses the passage in Luke 11:27-28 in which a woman calls out to Jesus, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.”  Jesus replies, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”  Hellerman points out that the woman’s statement points to the patriarchal values at that time.  (more…)

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Yonnie Cheng is a missionary in Taiwan who works with the rich and the poor.  She is currently pioneering bases for Iris Ministries in Taiwan and Thailand, as well as starting an Iris international relief organization.  Born in Taiwan, she immigrated to New Jersey with her family at the age of six.  She has a masters in science, and worked as a physician assistant for two years before going on her first missions trip to Africa.  Yonnie loves Asian food and snowboarding, and she is a painter and documentary artist. (more…)

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Photo by tipiro

By Young Lee Hertig

In one of my favorite books, There is a Season, Joan Chittister quotes an Arab proverb: “Every morning I turn my face to the wind and scatter my seed. It is not difficult to scatter seeds but it takes courage to go on facing the wind.” Chittister continues, “The ability to stand steadfast in the face of opposition is the real charism of the sower.” (more…)

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Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

by Debbie Gin

I used to question my integrity a lot.  I felt twinges of shame whenever I interacted with people because I thought I wasn’t “the real me” in every context.  I behaved one way with my peers, another way with my family, and yet another way with my professors. I thought of myself as a fraud, a chameleon, easily changed by the presenting situation. At times, I even wondered whether I was “prostituting” myself out, becoming whatever my context needed me to be.

I also felt pressure to find my own path but felt conflicted on several levels. On the one hand, I resented my parents’ strong influence and expectations; (more…)

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