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Posed by Chloe Sun

People in leadership positions need to let others know who they are, what ministries they are involved in, what they have accomplished, and how others can support and join their causes. In a way, leaders need to sell. Some leaders do it naturally and skillfully without making people feel uncomfortable, but this is not always the case. Some come across as too self-promoting. Others do it too business-like or too “humbly.” For me, I find it difficult to promote myself in general but in some contexts, people expect you to. I am interested to hear how others let people know who they are without coming across as self-promoting? (more…)

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By Joy Wong

So now that our book is published, our next steps are to “get the word out,” notifying our family, friends, and communities about the book, and inviting them to celebrate and support us by coming to our book events and buying and recommending our book to others, hopefully getting it into the hands of those who will benefit by it.  Despite all the labor involved thus far of brainstorming, drafting, writing, editing, revising and re-revising our manuscript, I have to admit that there is no task I dread more in this publication process than I do of having to “sell” our book. (more…)

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