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Photo by Nayuki

By Eun Joo Angela Ryo

During my English teaching years, I learned that there’s so much power in redeeming your pain and wounds instead of hiding or running away from them. Our family immigrated to the United States from Korea on a business visa which expired shortly after we arrived. All my childhood, adolescent and young adult years, I lived in fear and hopelessness of being undocumented. (more…)

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No DAPL ProtestBy Sarah D. Park

In downtown San Francisco, I found myself standing in the middle of what should have been a busy street intersection. But my body — and the bodies of several other hundred people — was in the way. Some protestors unapologetically sat down to hold the space; others stood standing, holding up their signs and banners high against the honking cars demanding access. “Water is life.” “Stop the North Dakota pipeline.” “You can’t drink gas.”

I had read articles and seen photos of the growing Native Peoples encampment in North Dakota. (more…)

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Maria Liu Wong is the dean of City Seminary of New York, as well as a doctoral candidate of Teachers College at Columbia University. Her focus of study is Asian American, West Indian, African, and Asian women leaders in theological education. Maria is a mom of two kids with one on the way, and married to a great husband who supports her in all her endeavors.

What are your ministry passions?

My passion is for bridge-building and bringing resources to the under-resourced. I started out working in the Bronx with Teach for America, working in an inner city setting. Later, I worked in Ethiopia, and I am now part of a non-profit, humanitarian organization. Social justice issues are very critical for me, and working in the city brings all those things together. (more…)

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