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Photo by craftivist collective

By Young Lee Hertig

While reflecting on the five dimensions of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, I am struck by the impending disruption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that would replace large numbers at the workforce. Will we be vulnerable to artificial emotion?  It seems feasible sooner than later.  How then do we decipher authentic emotions from artificial emotions?  These issues merit a series of blogs for later but for now, I will reflect on human social skills. (more…)

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No DAPL ProtestBy Sarah D. Park

In downtown San Francisco, I found myself standing in the middle of what should have been a busy street intersection. But my body — and the bodies of several other hundred people — was in the way. Some protestors unapologetically sat down to hold the space; others stood standing, holding up their signs and banners high against the honking cars demanding access. “Water is life.” “Stop the North Dakota pipeline.” “You can’t drink gas.”

I had read articles and seen photos of the growing Native Peoples encampment in North Dakota. (more…)

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