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Photo by Caroline

Photo by Caroline

By Sharon Lee Song

I have come to love the season of Advent, but perhaps not for the reasons that most might expect. Not for the twinkling of colorful lights, pine trees strewn with shiny baubles, and neatly wrapped gift boxes.  The past few years at least, the season of Advent has not been one filled with joy.  Instead, it has been sobering.

The tone that I have felt has been one that I think is closer to the reality of the time that Jesus came into the world.  (more…)

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Photo by Shootingsnow

By Tina Teng-Henson

Is that how you become a pastor?

Your pastor calls you up and
asks for your take on being called
the outreach pastor,
not just the outreach director.
“Well, because you’re not just a lay person, Tina… you’re on the road to becoming a pastor…”
“But I’m not done with seminary yet…”

Deciding on a short phone call…
to take on a title I am working towards,
but never really wanted?
“Never thought I’d be a US pastor…”
Never thought I’d be a pastor, period! (more…)

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