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Photo by John Althouse Cohen

Photo by John Althouse Cohen

By Jerrica Ching

On January 31st, I attended an internship fair for my graduate counseling program.  As a third-year graduate student, I have grown accustomed to a certain amount of heightened anxiety and stress.  After I attended that fair on January 31st however, I learned that my stress level could actually rise even higher.  There were several classrooms packed with representatives from various internship sites accompanied by their colorful and information-packed poster boards.  They answered questions, they let us ask questions, they gave us contact information, and we gave out cover letters and resumes. (more…)

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Photo by Shootingsnow

By Tina Teng-Henson

Is that how you become a pastor?

Your pastor calls you up and
asks for your take on being called
the outreach pastor,
not just the outreach director.
“Well, because you’re not just a lay person, Tina… you’re on the road to becoming a pastor…”
“But I’m not done with seminary yet…”

Deciding on a short phone call…
to take on a title I am working towards,
but never really wanted?
“Never thought I’d be a US pastor…”
Never thought I’d be a pastor, period! (more…)

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