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A New Name

Photo by 丹涅拉 - Dani Gama

By Angela Song

Earlier this year, I found myself unusually tired. Tired of being afraid, tired of having so many fears, tired of the fishbone that’s been stuck in my throat since the age of seven.  Out of desperation, I got into a shouting match with God, only to find that He was leading me to the Jabbok River, to a vision of Jacob wrestling the angel of God.  That night, He gave me a revelation of who I was in the Spirit, but before I could fully claim it, I had to wrestle Him to prove that I would commit to an enduring struggle for a new name if that was what it meant to be free.  He won. (more…)

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Photo by MarcinMoga/Lolek

by Joy Wong

I was sitting in Dale S. Ryan‘s class called “Recovery Ministry and the Local Church,” and the topic of discussion was receiving from God.  Dale pointed out that receiving from God should be so simple, like a child receiving a gift, but it is often complicated by adults. We often don’t trust the gift or the Giver, suspicious that the gift requires something in return. He then asked the rhetorical question, “What could be more precious than coming to God with our needs?” (more…)

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(left to right) Tita Valeriano, Grace Choi Kim, and Beverly Chen

by Beverly Chen

I met many challenges as the oldest child of immigrant parents.  One of the major challenges was being forced to take on parental responsibilities for my younger sister because my parents were busy working long hours at their restaurant. (more…)

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Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

by Debbie Gin

I used to question my integrity a lot.  I felt twinges of shame whenever I interacted with people because I thought I wasn’t “the real me” in every context.  I behaved one way with my peers, another way with my family, and yet another way with my professors. I thought of myself as a fraud, a chameleon, easily changed by the presenting situation. At times, I even wondered whether I was “prostituting” myself out, becoming whatever my context needed me to be.

I also felt pressure to find my own path but felt conflicted on several levels. On the one hand, I resented my parents’ strong influence and expectations; (more…)

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Photo by oddsock

The women’s initiative of ISAAC invites you to our 2008 “Healthy Leadership Retreat: Peacemaking Inside Out Through Inner Harmony”

Facilitated by Rev. Young Lee Hertig, Ph.D

Download Registration Form

Saturday, February 23, 2008 – 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Azusa Pacific University (APU) East Campus, Wilden Hall, 2nd floor

If we do not understand that the enemy is within, we will find a thousand ways of making someone ‘out there’ into the enemy, becoming leaders who oppress rather than liberate others.
Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak (more…)

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Photo by arquera

Writers’ Feedback Gathering
Friday, October 26, 2007
4:00 – 8:00 pm
Catalyst, Fuller Theological Seminary

Unlike our male counterparts, Asian American Evangelical Women (AAEW) of each generation often find ourselves lacking a safe space and role models, causing us to resort to a perpetual pioneering state.  Internalizing extreme belief systems of the East and the West and integrating them with Christianity, many AAEW leaders face extreme pressure, stress, and alienation leading to burnout and depression.  (more…)

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