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One thing I’ve been learning this year is the importance of prayer as a leader. In the past, when ministering to people, I usually asked myself questions like, What advice can I give?  How can I help?  What can I do?  How can I walk with them? and I struggled as I sought to help them. (more…)

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Ann Chen is a student at Fuller Theological Seminary getting a dual degree in Intercultural Studies and Theology & Ministry.  On the side, she is conference chair of the World Christian Conference (WCC) and does volunteer staffing with InterVarsity.  Ann has a BA in Urban Studies & Planning from UCSD, a Master’s in Education, and six years’ experience teaching middle school.  She attends Epicentre Church, and enjoys prayer and worship, playing piano & guitar, and discussions about church ministry. (more…)

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What have you been learning lately?

Lately I’ve been learning that I can start with a godly goal – church planting, ministering to others, doing all sorts of things — but if I lose focus of God, then it becomes driven by me, not by God.  In my human condition, I have a tendency to pervert my goals to become a glorified thing for myself. I’ve also been learning that not everything God wants us to do is going to flourish.  Sometimes through that process, He wants us to be broken, and perhaps He’s teaching us that He’s the one doing it, not us.  It’s a blessing that God has that kind of interest in our lives.

For me, a red flag is control, and I have to continually ask myself, How much of this am I controlling?  (more…)

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Grace Haah is the wife of Kevin Haah, founder and  lead pastor of New City Church of Los Angeles.  She has a B.A. in English from Bryn Mawr College, a law degree from Cornell, practiced law in upstate New York for a few years, and later worked in publishing before becoming a stay-at-home mom.  In her spare time, Grace enjoys playing the piano and completing crossword puzzles. (more…)

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Christy Hyun is the pastor’s wife at Gospel Mission Project Church in Santa Clarita, CA, a mom of four kids, and a licensed marriage-family therapist in private practice.  Born in Korea and raised in southern California, she received her BA at Boston University and attended Fuller Theological Seminary and Western Seminary.  She loves meeting new people and helping God’s people to become not what people tell them to be, but what God intended them to be.  Her favorite activity is hanging out with her favorite people — her kids and her husband.

What are your ministry passions? 

I have always had a heart for women and equipping them in all aspects of womanhood. My ministry passion is to translate into our daily lives the idea of knowing God and being known by God.  (more…)

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