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Photo by Ian Sane

By Tina Teng-Henson

I wore a dark blue dress into the city the other day, donned a white shirt over it, and slipped on a pair of new brown shoes. Not the height of fashion, but I didn’t dress with that in mind. I was more concerned with being comfortable, modest, and having a layer to add on.  (more…)

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Photo by bcanepa_photos

By Wendy Choy-Chan

“Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, I was told I could do better than a 99%, while I should be humble about a 100%. As a result, I always felt that there was no safe ground for me to stand on.  I was either not good enough, or I had to hide whatever good that I thought I had achieved.  (more…)

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By Elizabeth Chang

As though studying Marriage and Family Therapy does not provide enough opportunities and perspectives from which to develop my sense of identity and self-awareness, I decided to venture down from Seattle to Pasadena for the Asian American Equipping Symposium. This year, the theme of the symposium was Healing of Memories: Living Out the Gospel. (more…)

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By visualdensity

By Debbie Gin

You may have heard the saying, “Integrity is how you carry yourself when no one is looking.” While I mostly agree with this view, I have recently wondered whether it is enough. What I mean is, I wonder whether it is too self-directed, too individualistic, and perhaps too short-term. Let me explain with an anecdote.

Recently, I guest-lectured for a class on leadership, and I was specifically asked to exegete a biblical passage about a woman character through the lens of leadership. In the session, I proceeded to show how skillfully Ruth “shifted self” in order to meet the needs of the specific communities she entered (more…)

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Photo by qmnonic

By Melanie Mar Chow

My goal at a recent 106-year-old church leader’s funeral was to listen carefully to what would be shared about a full life lived well and an example for others.  A grandson shared that any time a family dinner was called, he knew it would be a three-hour commitment for their immediate family (more…)

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Ann Chen is a student at Fuller Theological Seminary getting a dual degree in Intercultural Studies and Theology & Ministry.  On the side, she is conference chair of the World Christian Conference (WCC) and does volunteer staffing with InterVarsity.  Ann has a BA in Urban Studies & Planning from UCSD, a Master’s in Education, and six years’ experience teaching middle school.  She attends Epicentre Church, and enjoys prayer and worship, playing piano & guitar, and discussions about church ministry. (more…)

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Yonnie Cheng is a missionary in Taiwan who works with the rich and the poor.  She is currently pioneering bases for Iris Ministries in Taiwan and Thailand, as well as starting an Iris international relief organization.  Born in Taiwan, she immigrated to New Jersey with her family at the age of six.  She has a masters in science, and worked as a physician assistant for two years before going on her first missions trip to Africa.  Yonnie loves Asian food and snowboarding, and she is a painter and documentary artist. (more…)

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